Jun 13

SMS Tracker Software

With SMS tracker, spying on any mobile’s SMS messages is now something within our power! This SMS tracker app is very affordable and easy to use. But we go start with that, first let us understand what Mobile SMS Spy Software is.

Apr 13

PhoneSheriff Coupon Code

Are you worried that the PhoneSheriff rates might be too high for its services? Worry no more because you will now have a chance to get a 15% discount from the original price for the software. Even with the marked down rate of the program, you will still be able to enjoy all the amazing features in full, with no problems in additional payments or non-functional features. PhoneSheriff will allow you to take advantage of this special offer that would help you save some money.

Mar 13

6 Good Reasons to Use Mobile Spy

People may think that mobile spy apps don’t have quite enough uses and that they only take up memory space or get you in trouble. However, there are several good reasons why you should use mobile spy software. Learn about the different uses of mobile spy features below.

Mar 13

How iPhone Spy Software Works

Almost everybody uses a smartphone nowadays. These phones are just so versatile that you can do almost everything with them. With the help of some useful phone applications, you can do some specified tasks so easily. You’re an iphone user, but do you think you have all the apps on your smartphone? Games, video call, free texts, drawing apps, you name it. You have them all right? What about an iphone spy software? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Mar 13

PC Keylogger Software

When you install a PC keylogger software, it is possible to keep track of everything happening with your personal computer. Once installed, the Keylogger application will monitor every keystroke pressed in your computer. You will be notified of all the keys typed and using the information, it’s easy to find out the way in which your computer or laptop was used. All the reports will be sent to you through email and you can check out the information whenever you want. While some people consider installing keylogger as a bugging activity, this necessary evil is crucial during different times.

Feb 13

Stealth Mobile Phone Spy Software

Stealth mobile phone spy software is perfect in keeping an eye to rebellious teenagers. Teenagers go through phase of confusion. Lots of things might happen if parental supervision is not given. So how can you monitor their every move if you are working and they are deep inside their own world of phones and computers. When teenagers have problem, instead of confiding to someone older they usually text their friends about it, and this create a barrier between the two of you.

Feb 13

mSpy – mSpy Coupon Code

mSpy: What is it?

mSpymSpy is a background mobile phone software that records and logs SMS, call history, calendar tasks and memos; bugs meeting rooms or whatever surroundings; tracks GPS locations of the phone in real time and displays all routes on a convenient map.

Jan 13

SniperSpy Software

SniperSpy software is remotely-deployable monitoring software. This type of computer program records the activities of children or employees whom use your remote PC. The software can be installed using the Internet by sending an email attachment which contains a module.

Oct 11

BlackBerry Monitoring Software

Do you think your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband may be having an affair? Do they own a BlackBerry mobile phone? If so you’re in luck. Most of the various techniques and methods that are revealed for catching a cheating partner usually do not provide the solid proof that you need and desire. They may raise your suspicion levels or validate the idea that they may be cheating on you but they don’t provide proof. An application that is specifically designed to monitor BlackBerry mobile phones will provide you with that proof.

Oct 11

Cell Phone Parental Control Software

This is Why You should buy a Cell Phone Parental Control Software. If you’re a parent you might have found your children’s demands are no longer restricted to gaming consoles, iPods or laptops. Recently cell phones like Blackberry, iPhones and Android phones have entered in their must have items list. On one hand these cell phones have made life easier for parents to monitor their child, but with threats like sexting and cyberbullying many parents are wondering if it is worth it.